April 02, 2009

I predict a riot

The MSM is assuring us that the only people taking to the streets in London today are “anarchists” and “communists.” This strikes me as a kind of “Officier Krupke” explanation of what’s happening: “You gotta understand. It’s just their bringin’ up-ke that gets them out of hand. Their mothers all are junkies; their fathers all are drunks. Golly Moses, natcherly They’re punks.” These are just some bad seeds, not representative at all, nothing to see here. 

I’ve no doubt that there are some thugs in the crowds, as well as over-privileged undergrads with dog-eared Bakunin and Lenin in their back pockets. And I have no doubt that most involved are thoroughly confused—crying out “down with the state” one moment, calling for more regulation of the financial industry the next. But still, these protests preface something much bigger and much more real than any of the “anti-globalization” get-togethers that took place in Seattle and Davos during the prosperous early 2000s. This is the beginning of widespread civil unrest, what we saw in Iceland cropping up around the developed world. Take Gerald Celente’s word on it:     

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