January 16, 2009

Ilana, Israel, and I

Ilana Mercer says, “a philosophical defense of Israel can include a support for Israel?s incursion into Gaza, but, it doesn?t have to” and that I was wrong to think otherwise. Ok. I guess what fooled me was that Ilana was calling on paleos to “defend Israel? at the very moment it was conducting a bombardment and invasion of Gaza. My bad.

I do agree with Ilana that Israel is facing a demographic challenge much like Europe?s and America?s?and this is why in my article on Gaza, I explicitly took into account Israel?s need to secure its borders as well as preserve its ethno-cultural identity. What I don?t understand is why Israel needs American paleos? help in this task, or why American should be passionately supportive of this Middle Eastern country.

By the way, Razib did misspell Ilana?s name when he first posted, and I?ve since corrected the error. I?d ask that Ilana correctly identify me as RICHARD Spencer and not Robert Spencer?who?d probably second her call for Americans to defend ?the West? in the Gaza conflict. (She got my name right in her first reference, but then confused me with the other R. Spencer in the next paragraph.)   

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