September 30, 2008

Infanticide Is Not One of the Permanent Things

Over at the American Conservative blog, Clark Stooksbury approvingly cites a reader’s admonition to Daniel Larison to be a “mensch” and support Obama, as Stooksbury reminds us he is doing, because of Stooksbury’s interest in “the permanent things.”  Stooksbury wonders why Larison won’t support Obama, who has the virtue, in Stooksbury’s view, of not being John McCain.

Of course, there are other candidates seeking the presidency besides McCain and Obama, so someone wishing to vote against John McCain has several options.  And those options include candidates who, unlike Obama, do not present abortion as a moral good and support infanticide and taxpayer funding of abortion at home and abroad.  And none of those other candidates has said, as Obama has, that he would not want his daughter “punished” with a baby if she got pregnant out of wedlock.  Perhaps the one who needs to explain his choice for president is Stooksbury, not Larison.  When did support for infanticide become one of the “permanent things?” 

UPDATE:  Clark Stooksbury has put up another post saying that he was trying to be humorous and intends to vote third party for president, which is good news indeed.  I can well understand voting against McCain; I cannot understand a conservative casting an affirmative vote for the leftist junior senator from Illinois.

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