October 23, 2009

Inglorious Bastards

Nick Griffin appeared on the BBC’s Question Time last night, prompting the inevitable hand wringing about “tolerating the intolerant” and the like across Britain. (Highlights from the evening can be seen here).

A friend of mine who knows lots of grassroots envelop-stuffers and cold-callers for the Labour party reported to me that his friends generally loathe Blair & Brown, their primary motivation for supporting them being the feeling that they’re standing tall against a potential BNP Machtergreifung of England and the European Union or something. Truly, if Nick Griffin didn’t exist, then the UK’s degenerate ruling class might have had to invent him. For the mainstream Left and Right seem to acquire much of their legitimacy from just not being him

This is not to say that the brunt of the BNP’s platform isn’t perfectly sensible and patriotic. I obviously have no qualms with the party’s central objective of restricting mass immigration and guarding the British people and culture (though its “aboriginal” requirement for party membership is awkward and unnecessary.) I think the party should be criticized mainly for resembling “old Labor” in sticking up for the National Health Service and making noises about major nationalizations and the like. In this line, I find the Ron Paul Revolutionairies (even if many of them are silly libertarians on the immigration issue) to represent something more dangerous to the Establishment in that they talk openly of eliminating whole bureaucracies and institutions, the Fed Money Machine being the most important of all. But of course, antagonism towards the BNP has nothing to do with socialized healthcare and everything to do with Western leaders’ obsession with stamping out even the faintest flickering of national-ethnic-racial identity among white people. 

I’ve often wondered why average Americans are so taken with the Brits. It’s almost as if one can recite the most conventional opinion imaginable, but do with a posh accident, and Americans start swooning as a Pavlovian response. We’ve imported a great many tedious prigs due to our weakness for long vowels. Clearly, people who think that England is one big episode of Masterpiece Theater have never travelled to the country. My impression is that England reproduces every American vulgarity—only more so. Thus while normally staid young people from the Midwest turn themselves into out-of-control fools for spring break, a great many Brits of all ages one up them while on “holidays” and act like buffoonish sluts the rest of the year, too. I’ve also read that social engineering and left-wing indoctrination in British schools is, if it’s possible, more intense than what we go through here in the States. I certainly sensed this when I heard the following question asked by an audience member on Question Time

Being that the the Second World War was fueled by the need to disarm racist and oppressive regimes, is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as its own?

One would think the PC line on Churchill would be that he was a Victorian Dinosaur: an open imperialist who bragged about mowing down future subjects in battle, an admirer of the Duce, and even the F

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