July 14, 2009

Jack Hunter: “Deranged Blogger,” Possibly Gay

Radio talk host and New York Times bestselling author Mark Levin has seen fit to add me to his list of ?deranged bloggers? at marklevinshow.com, heralding my arrival into his hall of shame with the following description: ?Charleston City Paper?s First Lady, Jackie Hunter.?

Never mind that I was always called ?Jackie? anyway as a child (my mother still calls me this), as was my father and grandfather (both were also named ?Jack Hunter.? My grandmother called Dad ?big Jackie? and me ?little Jackie.?)

But I?m much less interested in the sticks-and-stones aspect of Levin?s posting than what he actually posted, when he posted it and why.

As to when and why, if you Google the words ?tyranny,? ?liberty? and ?Levin,? somewhere between Amazon.com, townhall.com and David Limbaugh?s links to Levin?s book, you will also find a link to my recent Taki?s Magazine feature ?The Tyranny of Mark Levin?s ?Liberty? on the first page. Something tells me he might have noticed this. Something also tells me Levin probably didn?t like it and this is the most logical explanation for why I would end up on his little enemies list at this point in time.

But Levin did not link to my piece at Taki?s. Instead Levin linked to a September, 2007 article on ?blowback? from the Charleston City Paper where I write a weekly column. Posting this is completely random. It doesn?t even mention Levin.

I completely understand why my piece on the so-called ?great one? might have touched a nerve. I also understand why Levin wouldn?t want to give my article any extra exposure. I wouldn?t want to promote what makes me look bad either.

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