August 28, 2008

Joe Scarborough takes off the gloves

The Beltway media world has been abuzz about the acrimonious infighting going on over at MSNBC—and best of all, it’s taking place on air! It’s definitely great theater. Yesterday, Joe Scarborough really lit into the troll-like David Schuster—not only calling out the “I’m an independent!” bullshitting of this overtly lefty and partisan journalist but even announcing to all that Schuster’s a layabout who’s always oversleeping and actually missed three straight filmings of Morning Joe in row.

What I liked even more is that Scarborough expressed some populist right-wing sentiments that are no doubt held by a lot of Takimag readers. He said that if the Iraqis really want us to leave their country, then let’s get the Hell out! And in a statement that would be completely taboo in GOP circles, Joe observed how many military wives are going to bed alone and how many military kids are missing a Dad because Washington wants to install a parliamentary democracy in some Godforsaken land in which our spoiled brat puppets all have contempt for us.—GO JOE GO!!!   

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