March 04, 2008

Jonah Goldberg Begins To See The Light

As lucky fate would have it, just one day after I wrote about the bizarre fixation of contemporary conservatives with the defunct ideology of “fascism,” Jonah Goldberg, who has done all he can to encourage this fixation, begins to see the light.  Writing at his weblog, Goldberg, following a forum at Trinity College, expresses sympathy for the view that “fascism is [a] specifically historical phenomenon having no surviving corollary today” and states, “Basically, I would be perfectly happy to inter the word ‘fascist’ forever.”  Writing a tome on “Liberal Fascism” is a strange way to stop stupid accusations of “fascism,” but we should welcome Goldberg’s newfound wisdom, which he could have acquired far more easily than traveling to Trinity College by coming here to Taki’s. Of course, if Goldberg wants to put his newfound wisdom to use, he can begin by denouncing neocon blowhards who like to accuse paleoconservatives of “fascism.”

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