April 06, 2009

Korean Straits

Mark Steyn fears the day ?unipolar geopolitics gives way to non-polar geopolitics, a world without order in which pipsqueak thug states who can?t feed their own people globalize their psychoses.? He advises that after North Korea?s recent rocket launch, we begin saber rattling immediately to ensure that Washington?s psychosis is the only one that encompasses the globe. For some reason, Kim?s big military parades have never scared me much. And I have no doubt that if Washington allowed Japan to revise its postwar constitution and rediscover its military tradition, Tokyo could contain North Korea?s Dear Leader without breaking a sweat.

I imagine that Obama will let this ?crisis? pass, and hope that cablenews and his hawkish critics move on to other things. A more thoughtful statesman might recognize potential U.S. military involvement in the East Sea as the catastrophic farce that it is, and conclude that it’s high time we declare the Korean War finito, allow North and South to begin a slow, difficult, and painful integration process, not unlike that of the two Germanys, and end a state of emergency that has lasted over half a century.

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