March 10, 2008

Kristol’s Ball

Delightful to hear William Kristol try to telegraph instructions to John McCain, since his suggestions are so revealing. Kristol proposes two running-mates for John McCain ideally chosen to cripple the pro-life cause. Let’s look at each idea:

Plan A: Get Clarence Thomas to resign from the Supreme Court to run for Vice-President. This will lure away from an Obama or Clinton (or Clinton/Obama) ticket exactly as many black voters as one saw this year at CPAC.  Brilliant! It will also take away one solid pro-life vote from the Court, in return for which we’ll get… a McCain (or Clinton/Obama) player to be named later. This furthers the Republican elite’s strategy of keeping pro-lifers’ goal of overturning Roe v. Wade safely out of reach. A carrot that will keep us jackasses pulling the cart for Halliburton.

Plan B: Add to the ticket a liberal interventionist who supports partial-birth abortion and gay marriage. This will clearly signal the party’s priorities: Just war, just because. (Why ask why? Just DO IT.)

I actually hope that Plan B comes to fruition. It might, just might, help social conservatives get the idea that it’s time to flee the plantation.

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