July 26, 2008

Let’s Party Like It’s 1989!

One last thought on Obama in Berlin. Sean Hannity has apparently claimed on the radio that he?s worried about Germans? eternal attraction to the ?charismatic leader? (as of this writing, the mindless Teutons have yet invaded Poland on account of Obama’s visit). Jack Hunter, “the Southern Avenger,” has a much more plausible take in his YouTube spot?the Germans love Obama because he?s antiwar, stupid: 

Obvious, there’s a lot to what Jack is saying; however, I wouldn’t completely discount the mass-hysteria reading of Obama’s visit, although things are slightly more complicated than irrepressible “liberal fascism.” Despite all the accounts of rampant anti-Americanism on the continent, the Germans’ enthusiasm proves that they long for an Atlantic relationship, of some kind. Much of German Obamania seemed to be a kind of nostalgic trip back to the good ol’ days of reunification when blue jeans were being shipped into Alexanderplatz and America stood for cool. I doubt that a single person in the Tiergarten crowd was taking seriously the actual implications of Obama’s “citizen of the world,” “tear down all walls” bullshit—although we probably should.

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