June 30, 2009

Mad Max Conservatism

Tomorrow (July 1), the assembly of non-Left creative types living in NYC known as “The Manhattan Project” will be holding its monthly debate at Lolita Bar, right in the heart of the Lower East Side. And this one’s gonna be a humdinger! “Is America Economically Doomed?” is the question for the evening. Arguing “No, we’re all gonna be just fine,” will be Bryan Harris, political journalist and author of a book on gay marriage. Arguing “Yes! Quick go convert your backyard lawnmower into a personal helicopter from which you can ambush S&M Goth dudes on go-carts who’re hoarding all the precious, precious gasoline in this toxic wasteland that once was known as America!” will be yours truly.

The festivities begin at 8 PM. The gracious Todd Seavey will host. Don’t miss it! 

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