May 05, 2008


Bobby Jindal seems like a good guy, but is he really deserving of this!?! Bill Kristol?s floating of a McCain-Jindal ticket comes days after K-Lo re-dedicated her propaganda efforts at NRO to full-throttle Jindalism, announcing that he?s ?conservatism?s future.?

What?s remarkable about the Kristol piece is that in hatching his plan to defeat the Obama transcendence machine, he actually never mentions that Jindal isn?t white, focusing instead on the fact that Jindal’s about half the age of McCain and apparently has a ?strong reformist streak.?

Some have been focused on why running as Mac?s VP wouldn?t be such a great career move for old Bobby, perhaps this is true, but I think the more important question is what it would actually mean for the GOP. 

Again, Jindal seems like a smart young Republican, and I wish him all the best in his Herculean task of fighting corruption in Baton Rouge. Still, I?m not sure what he?s actually accomplished in his short time in public office or what dynamic new conservative ideology he?s bringing to the table. We knew what Reagan and Goldwater stood for, but what exactly is ?conservatism?s future?? Simply a Republican who?s really popular and plays well on cablenews? 

I ultimately think most of the American public would sniff out the fact that Jindal?s ascendance amounted to a rather brazen and ham-fisted attempt by the GOP to put someone ?of color? on the ballot to out Obama Obama (or at least neutralize his appeal). The whole charade would be an insult to Jindal, who deserves better, and probably at the end of the day wouldn?t work. So no, GOP, multiculturalism ain’t gonna save ya. 

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