November 01, 2008

McCain’s Second Act

Well, here‘s one red state that won’t go blue:

An Israeli pollster says that if the country were on the U.S. election map, it would be bright red. A survey of Americans in the Holy Land released Thursday found that absentee voters supported Republican John McCain over Barack Obama by a three-to-one margin. The survey interviewed 817 Americans who have cast absentee ballots for next week’s presidential election. It was conducted by Vote from Israel, a nonpartisan group that has encouraged Americans to vote.

“An estimated 40,000 Americans living in Israel are expected to vote.

“Pollster Mitchell Barak said there is no formal list of American citizens living in Israel, so it’s extremely difficult to find a random sample of voters. Nonetheless, he said his survey was a good indicator on how people are voting this year. He said roughly a quarter of American voters in Israel cast their ballots through the Vote from Israel group.”

After being crushed at the polls this Tuesday, why doesn’t he enter a race he could actually win—and run for Prime Minister of Israel? McCain versus Netanyahu—what a cage match!

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