August 28, 2009

Mencken Club Update

I encourage everyone to check out the HL Mencken Club website for some updates on our upcoming meeting on Halloween Weekend, as our star-studded line-up just keeps getting star-studded-er! Joining Pat Buchanan, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, Thomas Woods Jr., Patrick Deneen, Christian Kopff, Paul Gottfried, and James Kurth will be New York Times bestselling author and Takimag regular Kevin Gutzman. 

Also, we’ve added a special rate for current undergrad and grad students and other unemployed deadbeats—only $50! (Basically, you’ll get to hear every speaker, but you’re on your own when it comes to meals. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Kevin DeAnna for details.)

Here again is the entire schedule of the conference:     


Opening Night Dinner and Banquet
Presidential Address: Paul Gottfried, “Encounters: My Life with Nixon, Marcuse, Buchanan, Kirk, Rothbard, and Other Friends and Teachers”
Speaker: Thomas E. Woods, Jr., “The Old Right vs. The Tyrants?Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow?


Panel?Radical Traditionalism
Patrick Deneen, “The Future of Catholic Traditionalism?
Gene Edward Veith, ?The Future of Protestant Traditionalism?
E. Christian Kopff, ?Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World?

Panel?“The Establishment,” Old and New
James Kurth, ?Anglo-America, the Empire, and the ?Special Relationship’?
Lee Congdon, ?George Kennan: A Rebel Within the Establishment?
Paul Gottfried, “American Foreign Policy and ‘The Elite’: From Dulles and Kennan to Albright and Wolfowitz”

Lunch with Pat Buchanan
Speaker: Patrick J. Buchanan, ?Back to the Future?

Panel?Debt, Demographics, and Disaster
Peter Brimelow, ?The Diversity Depression: Diversity is Strength—and an Epic Economic Collapse”
Richard Spencer, ?How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Financial Crisis?

Panel?Man, Economy, and the State
Kevin Gutzman, ?Bailing on the Constitution?
George Csatary, “A National Economy”

Discussion: The American Economy?Disaster or Catastrophe?
Brimelow, Csatary, Gutzman, Piatak, Spencer

Dinner of Doom
Speaker: John Derbyshire, ?We Are Doomed!: Rediscovering Conservative Pessimism?


Members Breakfast

Discussion?Organizing the Youth
Kevin DeAnna, Jeff Frazee

Discussion?The Post-Conservative Right
Kevin DeAnna, John Derbyshire, Paul Gottfried, Richard Spencer

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