May 11, 2009

Michael Savage Is Our Business

Unlike Dylan Hales, I think Britain?s decision to ban Michael Savage from even visiting England for the sin of uttering a few politically incorrect words about Islam and multiculturalism is our business. As someone who enjoys visiting Europe and is guilty of a few thought crimes, this concerns me personally.

While another country?s immigration laws should not be America?s concern, a legitimate purpose of the State Department is to facilitate business and tourist travel to other countries. We have a reciprocal visa waiver program with the United Kingdom that allows Americans to visit the country for business or tourism for up to 90 days without a visa. There?s no reason why a restrictionist should oppose these treaties unless they are with countries?like Mexico?whose citizens have a habit of not returning home within 90 days.

I?m not saying we should go to war over this, but there?s no reason why our State Department shouldn?t object and threaten to withdrawal from the visa waiver agreement.

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