September 06, 2009

Military Brass has George Will’s Back

On ABC?s ?This Week? this morning, George Will?s retort to Robert Gates, Fred Kagan and everyone else criticizing his call for troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, was to note support for his position from former Marine Commandant Gen. Chuck Krulak and other military brass. From the Politico:

George Will, whose column last week calling for the U.S. to pull its troops out of Afghanistan brought a smackdown from Defense Secretary Robert Gates, is sticking to his guns.

The conservative columnist told ABC?s ?This Week? Sunday that there?s almost no way to add troops to the fight without coming off as an occupying force.

Then he pulled out a letter from former Marine Commandant Gen. Chuck Krulak in support of his position.

?We?re going to have a debate, and there will be plenty of brass on my side,? Will said.

An actual debate in the conservative mainstream about U.S. foreign policy? Bring it on.


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