July 11, 2008

More Fun With Atheists

The “new atheists” love to prattle on about how “bright” and “rational” they are, but what they really are is hate-filled fanatics.  The latest evidence of this comes from University of Minnesota biology professor P Z Myers, who has asked his followers to provide him with a consecrated host, so that he can desecrate it and film his actions.  We Catholics, of course, believe that the consecrated host is the Body of Christ, a belief that caused Mozart to write one of the loveliest pieces of music ever composed, and a belief that caused my far more humble grandfather to doff his hat whenever he passed a Catholic church.  Myers’ burning desire to offend people who have never caused him any harm is the hallmark of a fanatic, and he deserves a long sabbatical so he can recover his senses, preferably one not subsidized by the Catholic taxpayers of Minnesota.

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