July 22, 2009

Nature vs. Nurture: The Case of the Redheaded Bombshell

Buxom redhead Christina Hendricks is possibly the only reason anyone watches Mad Men, the retro-chic AMC cable network drama about a Madison Avenue advertising agency in the early 1960s. Speaking as a neutral objective journalist, I can say that Hendricks puts the voom in va-va-voom. This is simply an indisputable fact.

Students of anthropology, however, might ponder the question, “Why?” What is it about red hair and large breasts that stimulates such interest? And why, particularly, does this interest so often involve an obsessive curiosity as to whether the aforesaid traits are the product of heredity?

Which is to say, if it were merely a matter of appearance, one might think it a moot point as to whether Hendricks’ large breasts were a natural feature or the product of surgical enhancement. Ditto the red hair. Is there a redheaded woman on the planet who has never been asked whether, as it is said, the carpet matches the drapes?

In response to this widespread curiosity, Hendricks has answered the carpet/drapes question.

Yeah, you’re going to click that link. But why?

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