January 28, 2009

When Nazi Zombies Attack

I learned from Orac that the Norwegian film industry has cranked out a real humdinger?D?g Sn? (Dead Snow), a film about Nazi zombies who attack a group of na?ve and nubile pretty-young-things on ski vacation. And best of all, the producers have secured an American distributor!

With the widespread credit-card-ization of young people, there?s been a proliferation of teeny-bopper horror flicks, all basically sharing the same script but each one featuring a new exotic local and a new cast of young girls with newly installed bouncing breasts. I once was on a date and realized about halfway through that I was actually watching a movie in which some teens were trapped on a Mayan ziggurat while being attacked by evil poison ivy.

But then horror and fantasy movies?especially those with an ?archetypal? script?are usually fables of some kind. In most cases, the chainsaw killer appears as a kind of force of moral vengeance, attacking the cute kiddies just as they?re about to engage in you know what. And the killer usually stabs the girl over and over and over again, and I’d imagine the symbolism of that is pretty obvious. Basically, the blood scene stands as punishment for the kids’ sin and substitutes for their orgasm (a ?little death?.)

Dead Snow seems different, however. In Europe, the post-Marxist far Left?and a great deal of the mainstream Left?is always accusing Christians, traditionalists, and generally anyone to the right of Joschka Fischer of having ?fascist? tendencies?sometimes even ?unconscious? ones. Dead Snow would seem to enact this in allegorical form, with the young teens as the personification of the Europeans of the Future, reading and willing to smite down the ghosts of the continent?s intolerant, authoritarian past. 

Or maybe I?m reading too much into it? At the very least, those Norwegian girls are hot!   


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