August 06, 2008

Novak and Carney

Human Events just made this announcement: 

Per the succession plan we worked out last summer with Bob, Eagle Publishing will continue to publish ENPR under the leadership of Senior Reporter Timothy P. Carney, a prot?g? of Bob’s who has worked by his side for years. In his 2007 memoirs, The Prince of Darkness, Novak described Carney as ‘maybe my best political reporter since I began hiring them in 1982.’ Carney is also a contributing editor at Human Events and a weekly columnist for the Washington Examiner.

Everyone at Takimag wishes Robert Novak all the best.

Novak certainly showed some excellent judgement in selecting Carney as his successor at the Evand-Novak Political Report. Tim is a top-notch reporter, and it’s certainly good to see someone associated with TAC and the antiwar Right advance to this new position. Best of Luck.

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