July 01, 2009

Our Man in Iran

As the blogosphere has taught us, the “Green Revolution” is all about democracy and human rights and was fomented, no doubt, after the Iranian people began reading up on Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, and Catholic Social Teaching. Problem is, the Greens’ Great Leader isn’t exactly ideal in the global-friendship-of-the-peoples department—after the Iran-Iraq war, it seems, he ordered the murder of 5000 political dissidents. While the beltway sees a new dawn for American influence in the Middle East, for me the whole thing’s beginning to look like a replay of the 2004 Orange “Revolution”: Western journalists think it’s all about them and fawn over a leader they know nothing about. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon learn that the Green and Orange charades were funded by the same people.   

[Hat tip: Stacy at maxkeiser.com]

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