September 11, 2009

Pat Buchanan and 9/11

I read this on the air this morning and thought it worth passing around. None of this will be earth shattering to those on the Alternative Right, but I thought of it on September 11, 2001 and still think of it every anniversary.

This is Pat Buchanan describing a hypothetical terrorist attack that could take place in the future as a result of U.S. interventionist foreign policy. From page 44 of his 1999 book, A Republic, Not an Empire.

It is in February of 2005 that the explosion occurs in the port of Seattle. It is a low-yield crude atomic device, but the devastation is incredible. Thousands are dead; thousands more are injured or wounded, many burned horribly. The device was smuggled in the cargo hold of a ship and detonated only hours after the ship had docked. No one knows for certain who put the device there. Iran condemns the act as an inhuman atrocity and an affront to Islam, but notes that America was the first to use such weapons. North Korea is also suspect. But intense speculation focuses on a group associated with the financier of terror Osama Bin Laden, whom U.S. special forces ran down and killed years earlier. Bin Laden?s agents reportedly acquired nuclear weapons from rogue army elements is Russia or Kazakhstan in the 1990?s, or got one from a Pakistan now controlled by allies of the Afghan Taliban.

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