May 07, 2008

Paul speaks

Today I attended Paul’s talk about his great book, which is #1 by the way, with the great new organization called the American Conservative Defense Alliance. I asked Paul a question similar to the one I posed this morning regarding how us Paulians—more than a mere remnant but the makings of a mass movement—can express ourselves this November. For better and for worse, Paul wants to avoid sending down orders to the troops, and talked around the subject of long-term education. Paul doesn’t think you can change things with politics—this certainly makes him an endearing, trustworthy figure, but then frustrating as a politician since it seems to me that we now have an opening to, well, accomplish some stuff politically (!). He did mention that he’d be going into more specifics soon, so I guess we should hold off criticism for a little bit and see what he comes up with as a way of moving forward. 

In his answer, he did mention that far better than a Paul presidency would be hundreds of Paul-like politicians in Washington and local governments—taking back the country district by district. 

In this case, there seems to be a new hero of the Paulites on the horizon: B.J. Lawson who just won his primary in my former district in scenic Durham. Also good news coming from Tar Heel state, antiwar Republican Walter Jones, my favorite congressman, won big time

Dan has the lowdown:

News of B.J. Lawson?s victory in North Carolina is very encouraging indeed ? and what a margin! Lawson is a sterling (or maybe, as a nod to monetary issues, I should say auric) Ron Paul Republican and antiwar conservative. He faces an uphill battle in the Fall against incumbent Democrat David Price, who has been in office for over 20 years (with a one-term interregnum in after the ?94 elections). But his win shows that a consistent small-government ethic and responsible foreign-policy views can still prevail in today?s GOP. Walter Jones?s victory provides evidence of that as well and is all the more impressive given the establishment support his opponent received. A number of Beltway neocons had hoped to make an example out of Jones. Instead, he?s become an example of how traditional conservatives can win.

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