August 30, 2008

Pitchfork Palin

Evan, I’m in the process of loading up a U-Haul truck at the moment, so I don’t have time to launch into a full-throated endorsement of the PALIN(-mccain) Ticket. In the next few days, however, I’ll argue why we should be “rooting” for Palin much in the way Rothbard found himself rooting for George H. W. Bush in ‘92. Despite horrible people like Randy Scheunemann and Max Boot advising McCain, the people who will vote for PALIN(-mccain) are solid, self-reliant Americans—and infinitely better comrades than the those weeping at Mile-High last Thursday night. (This doesn’t hold for those who’ll vote for Obama strictly to end the war in Iraq or punish the GOP for nominating McCain, or those dangerous men who are going in for a little “worse the better” strategy this year.) I agree that Palin doesn’t exactly seem “presidential” right now; however, the fact that she’s the VP indicates that at some level (and perhaps only symbolically) she represents the future of the Republican Party. And this is a woman who loves guns, has lots of kids, is a rugged individualist in the Western mold, lowered property taxes, and not too long ago supported Pat Buchanan! This is not a woman associated with “compassionate conservatism,” Gersonian “save the world”-ism, Sam’s Club Socialism (as is Tim Palenty), or, worst of all, neoconservatism ? la Joe Lieberman. We should be wary of the GOP, sure. But how can we not get behind this woman?

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