March 27, 2009

Politics, Jews & Israel

Over at Red State Erick Erickson makes accusations of anti-Semitism toward the Left when analyzing hostility toward Marty Peretz on JournoList. During the early 2000s I heard many grumblings on the Right about Lefty anti-Semitism, in general due to disagreements over foreign policy and intervention in the Middle East. This always seemed a bit strange seeing as a large proportion of the American Left is Jewish! But at Secular Right I have two posts up looking into the GSS to see how sentiments play out.  First, it seems that liberalism has a modest association with pro-Jewish sentiments.  Second, conservatism has a modest association with pro-Israel sentiments.  In the latter case the trend holds for both gentiles and Jews, though is a bit more noticeable among Jews in part because conservative Jews are extremely pro-Israel, so moderately pro-Israel Leftish Jews are a comedown.

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