October 04, 2008

President Sarah? (McCain, Age, and Cancer)

The odds that Sarah Palin would have to take over as president are quite different this time around than usually is the case. McCain is 72 and would be 80 if he served two terms. McCain is also a cancer survivor whose melanoma has recurred three times. A surgical scar about 2 inches long is visible on his left cheek. Melanoma is a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

A dozen or so cancer experts have made statements to that in a full-page ad in the New York Times?with hundreds of signatures by other oncologists supporting this view. [?]

From medical analysis of McCain?s melanoma I learn that McCain?s first bout with this disease came in 1996 after the biopsy of a lesion on his left temple showed ?atypical melanotic proliferation. In 2000 a lesion in the same area was diagnosed as invasive melanoma. The satellite metastases treated in 2000 confirm that the spread had already occurred through his veins more than 12 years ago, and is evidence that melanoma cancer cells are almost certainly present in other parts of the senator?s body today. A roughly c ircular mass of skin and flesh, 6 centimeters in diameter, was removed from the left side of McCain?s face along with the underlying parotid salivary gland. McCain has had three other superficial melanomas ? on his left shoulder, left arm, and leff nasal sidewall.

If during his presidency melanoma were found to have spread to his liver, brain and lungs and/or bones, then chemotherapy treatments would undoubtedly be recommended. However, these toxic chemicals would cause him to become disabled, unable to perform his duties, for the few short months he would survive.
~The Macdougal Newsletter, September 2008


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