May 21, 2008

Race Blind Justice

It’s not quite so hopeless as some writers here seem to think to demand that the government in a race-neutral fashion. Ward Connerly assembled quite a coalition in California behind the idea—although as expected, judges stepped in to thwart the will of voters. The courts are another battle, and judicial appointments remain the only conceivable excuse for voting in Republican presidents. To stay on topic: We should promote wherever we can, under the honorable rubric of “race-blind” justice and liberty, policies forbidding government employees to collect racial data except in the census. We must insist that anti-discrimination laws be applied to all groups—Catholics, Mormons, Fundamentalist Christians, heterosexuals—as a means of showing how absurdly impractical it is for the Feds to monitor and control, implicitly, every commercial transaction in America in the interests of anti-racism. And we should do so honestly in the name of shrinking the government, and treating people of every race as equal before the law. That means no “protected classes,” no affirmative action, no EEOC—and none of the laws which underwrite this bloated, totalitarian system. It might not work, but it has the best chance of diminishing, in the long run, racial strife in America, and restoring liberty.

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