January 21, 2009

Re: A Big New Idea

Well, John: Ramos and Campeon are Big alright, whether they’re ideal or they offer anything new is highly dubious, however. And running these two guys as putatively pro-Life, symbolic culture warriors sounds exactly like the kind of stunt the GOP would try to pull in the next midterm?and it?d probably work. Let?s remember that what?s important about immigration is numbers and place of origin?these are the operative issues and basically what people are thinking when they talk about being concerned about ?immigration.? R&C are quaint anecdotes?just two semi-competent guys working for the government?and as such they?re distractions. Moreover, in that they shot a marijuana dealer, the pair could just as easily be depicted as heroes of the massively wasteful ?war on drugs? as immigration reform. 
As for actual Big New Ideas, I?m still waiting for the young Harvard scholar Jason Richwine (whom I blogged about in July) to start publishing his work. He was at AIE in 2008 to study under Charles Murray and was writing on the intersection between immigration, race, and IQ. A book as provocative as The Bell Curve that takes immigration into account is just what we need to get the debate rolling again.     

As for John?s depiction of the Obama Inaugural and the coming Obamian Order?I was laughing and crying. Nobody can describe the depraved circus that is American politics quite like Zmirak.

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