March 21, 2008

Re: Charles Murray on Obama

Justin, I think there is a legitimate ?conservative case for Obama? if you acknowledge that you?re making a conservative case for the Iraq war as the issue that should trump everything else. As I?ve said many times, I sympathize with this position. However, I don?t think you?re going to convince anyone at this site to join the ranks of the Obamacons by quoting this:

”[Obama] is an honest-to-God lefty. He apparently has learned nothing from the 1960s. His Supreme Court nominees would be disasters. And maybe he is too green and has lived too much of his adult life in a politically correct bubble.” 

Sure Obama is really empathetic and ?real??who cares? I?d also beg to differ with Murray in his uncharacteristically mushy claim that Obama?s speech evinced great ?honesty.? I?ve pretty much heard that speech a million times before: black rage might be unfair, inaccurate, a bit crazy, but it?s inherently justified due to the ?tragic legacy? of slavery?and whites are cruel not to recognize this and not to see that at some level, it?s all their fault. The self-righteous Barrack also didn?t let us forget that he?s morally superior to most all blacks and whites and his backward grandmother. Did I miss anything?

With regards to foreign policy, I?m very much convinced that Obama is the type to trade in Iraq for interventions in Darfur and other cause c?l?bre hotspots. Plus, I haven?t heard Obama ever speak of drawing down foreign commitments abroad. I?m not saying that Obama wouldn?t be better than McCain on the issue of Iraq, he most likely would be. But there?s a more important question of what are we?the traditionalist, antiwar, paleo-libertarian Right?actually gaining by supporting Obama? In going single issue, we risk becoming just as incoherent as the conservative movement that in the Bush years became little more than a war party. I also don?t think that we should use the Powerline blog and FOX News as our reverse moral compass?in the case of Obama, I?m with Ann.

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