March 11, 2009

Re: Frumbag & the Blowhard

On purely aesthetic grounds, I’d be on Rush’s side. Although a fat blowhard, he looks minimally less ugly than the Frumbag.

Moreover, unlike the person who just attacked him as a “racist,” Rush, to my knowledge, has never insulted me personally. Of all those targeted in Frum’s attack on the “unpatriotic Right,” it was I who had to endure the most gratuitous insults.. At the time, I had not castigated W for having dragged us into the Iraqi quagmire; and the Frumbag’s only gripe against me was that he considered me a babbling lecturer, who was emotionally unfit to be a college instructor. This charge was totally fabricated and was an obvious ettempt to get me dismissed from my place of employment. Still and all, Frumbag does not wield the kind of influence that Rush does at the present time; and his efforts to ingratiate himself with the Obamaites, which have been going on for months, look like acts of desperation. As a neocon and GOP frontman, Rush is the more formidable personality, and the fact that NR has rallied to him against their longtime hitman indicates who is our more powerful enemy on the bogus right.

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