November 09, 2009

Re: Our Multiculti Military

A reader in the Army offers an interesting perspective: 

I enjoyed your latest offering at Takimag. I was stationed at Ft. Hood and the shootings happened a couple blocks from where I used to live. The cop who brought him down had to be a woman, didn’t it? I love that detail: its like liberalism rolled what D&D geeks call a “saving throw”. Regrettably, Im afraid the case against diversity will get no easier even as the problems become more acute: indeed, the deeper its claws sink into our vital national institutions, the harder it gets to argue for their extraction, as both the heroes and the villians of every drama will be of the socially favored backgrounds. We’re doomed.

Though I’ve never played D & D, I think this characterization of Hasan’s female vanquisher is quite apt.

I also wasn’t surprised to see that the neocons’ fancy lady blogger, Pamela Geller, is rejoicing at feminism’s triumph over Islamo-fascism: 

This is poetic justice. The jihadi mass slaughterer was taken down by a … woman! Think about that. Let’s blast that shiz through the caves of Tora Bora. 

That’s the real story. It should be wall to wall on Al Jizz.

Yes! The West’s willingness to enlist women in the military and police forces and put them in harm’s way. Isn’t that really what separates us from terrorists?


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