January 30, 2009

Re: Re: Re: What blacks are really celebrating

Elizabeth Wright, founder of the Issues and Views newsletter and its new blog, sent Paul a poignant email in response to his posts on “What blacks are really celebrating” with the election of Barack Obama, and she’s allowed me to publish it here:   


Your observations in your article “What blacks are really celebrating” on Takimag are absolutely right.

I am so sick of these whites with their effusive testimonies about how they “understand” the single-minded fervor of blacks in relation to Obama.  Such views are being expressed even by people whom I once considered sensible conservatives.  Instead of being appalled by what has happened here, that is, a credible candidate like Ron Paul cannot even get a hearing, they join the bandwagon celebraating a media-hyped, Oprah-sanctioned luminary, who played to an emotionalized public and wound up winning the most critical office in the country. These whites might as well have voted for Obama.

If coloreds were not involved, such whites would be denouncing the lack of objectivity in this supposed display of “ethnic pride.” If there were a white ethnic group whose member was in the running for the Presidency for the first time, these ethnics would be advised to put aside their unseemly nationalist rants and to think about the welfare of the country first.

I’ve grown used to the brains of whites turning to sawdust when it comes to blacks, but this continued demonstration of the worse kind of sentimentality is abominable.


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