June 23, 2009

RE: South Carolina owns Mark Sanford, lock, stock & barrel

I agree with Razib’s basic observation concerning the ridiculous national coverage of my state’s “missing” governor, but would add that it’s hard for non-South Carolinians to grasp the rage so many politicians here, particularly Republicans, have for Mark Sanford. That’s all this is. Sanford overturned the corrupt, big spending apple cart down here – and rightfully so – and they don’t like it. Our Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who is gunning for Sanford’s position, said on CNN “the governor might be abducted on the Appalachian trail.” Really? This is a classic case of any-stick-will-do-to-beat-a-dog and as dumb as this whole controversy is, expect Sanford’s enemies to keep swatting like crazy with this non-story.

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