October 22, 2009

Re: Stalking Game

As conservatives, or at least people on the Right, we obviously venerate tradition and conventional morality.  However, particularly for those of us under 30 who have never known anything other than this remarkably stupid leftist world we inherited, we have no idea what a traditional conservative society even looks like.  It is impossible for us to be reactionary, even if we wanted to be—we would just be making something up.  It is one thing to fight in defense of certain institutions and moral codes having lived underneath them—it is another thing to rebuild them entirely once they have been completely destroyed and you have no firsthand knowledge of how they operate.  I don’t think such an effort can win.  I would love to be proven wrong. 

The vague temperament that is emerging at Takimag and certain schools in Europe which Richard calls the Alternative Right values tradition but cannot appeal to it for legitimacy.  The legitimacy was stripped long ago by the attack from the left and by the corruption and cowardice of traditional sources of authority.  Therefore, almost out of necessity, the Alternative Right gets inspiration from new sources.  One is leftist writers whose writings on power, deconstruction, and cultural hegemony can easily be turned against the left wing establishment that rules

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