July 27, 2008

Republican Hypocrites

Kudos to Larry Auster who in View from the Right last Friday went after the GOP-neoconservative establishment for attacking Obama for his recent speech in Berlin. According to this agitprop, which by now has spread from Rush Limbaugh (who should know better), to Scott Johnson of Powerline to all the usual suspects on Fox news, Obama shamed us all by mentioning that the US had had to grapple with the festering problem of discrimination. In recent years, according to Obama, we had cleaned up our act, and in the future, with the proper instruction, we would be able to live up to our ideals, as understood by the speaker.
But, as Larry noticed, and as my book on the conservative movement stresses, this same message has been a Republican-neoconservative one for years. W and his ?Brain? (God knows that he needs one!) Condoleezza Rice have both delivered speeches on foreign soil dwelling on the evils of American racism (and in Rice?s speech given in Paris three years ago) sexism ?and they have done so more than once. And there was nothing in Obama?s remarks about the US having to atone for its bad old racist past that Republicans have not expressed repeatedly in public for decades. In the 1980s the neocons? favorite would-be presidential successor to Reagan, Jack Kemp, made a career out of beating up on his (entirely blameless) party for not having supported Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement vigorously enough. Next to Kemp and his endless whining about our burden of guilt as a racist nation, Obama sounded like a racial moderate. Who do these Republican hypocrites think they are? But then I may be ignoring either the short memories or selective attention spans of those who take their slop seriously.   

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