January 28, 2009

Right Wing USSR

I think Peter Hitchens nailed it when he said that in broad cultural terms, the election of Obama showed that the United States was beginning its “long, slow descent into the Third World.”  Hopefully, he’s wrong, and as the freedom fighters at Young Americans for Liberty suggest, Obama is simply more of the same.  However, if Hitchens is right, perhaps I could suggest that Russia, in broad cultual terms, could become an alternative to the leftist regime that holds sway in North America and Europe.

Of course, Victor Davis Hanson warns darkly Obama’s foreign policy naivet? could lead to Putin taking advantage of him.  This is terrible, because “Vladimir Putin wants consensus and dialogue ? about re-establishing a right-wing version of the Soviet Empire” and the United States of America will not be able to stop him. 

If only.  Know hope.

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