December 05, 2009

Roberts and Social Security

A reader goes after Paul Craig Roberts:

I think Paul Craig Roberts needs in education what we call a “time out.” His assertions that Obama is being over run by lobbyists, Military Industrial
complex figures, and his gross misunderstanding of social security lead me to believe that he isn’t paying attention, or he really wants some attention.

Israeli complexes? Not illegal by most recent readings of the various treaties.

Can’t close Gitmo? You know, a big problem just might be no one wants to live next door to them, and he can’t convince other countries or any of his supporters to take them.

Lest we forget, at least defense is one of the enumerated powers, unlike social security or health care.

For a Reagan appointee, he certainly does not understand that while we the people pay into the SS system; we don’t get our money back, determine the
payout, nor have any control over it. And let’s talk about SSI, the great supporter of millions of people who never have paid into the SS system.

Utterly disgusting article by someone who should know better.

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