September 22, 2008

Ron Paul endorses Baldwin

In a statement that rambles on for over 1000 words (not a good idea since most Beltway journalists have ADD and room-temperature IQs), Ron Paul has announced that he’s supporting Chuck Baldwin for president. [Memo to Congressman Paul: Please, please, some day hire a competent staff of writers and advisors, like you once had. Please.]

As one can imagine from what I’ve written here, here, and here, I think backing Baldwin is a solid move. Indeed, I wonder if my post had some effect in nudging Paul towards making a firm decision of some kind. Endorsing Third Party-dom was always incoherent and, understandably, Paul is simply unable to support McCain. I still wonder how much has been lost due to Paul’s indecisiveness over the past 6 months.

[Memo to our friends in the Paul movement: There’s no need to continue trying to justify any “united third-party” Left-Right, “strange bedfellow” coalition, which no one much believed would work anyway.]

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