December 28, 2008

Samuel Huntington, Paleocon?

A reader, who goes by the name “Albert Nock” (hmm) and has a blog, thinks I mischaracterized Samuel Huntington in my last post:

You associate Huntington’s “Clash” theory with American hegemony and hostility to Islam. It is a common refrain, usually coming from people who didn’t actually read his book. He intended his book as a counter to the neocon-triumphalism of Fukuyama’s “End of History” and warns against the U.S trying to meddle with areas outside of our civilization where we are not welcome. Although Nisbet listed Huntington as among the neoconservatives, by the end of his career I would say that he was the closest things paleoconservatives had to a star social scientist. I have an old post calling out Reza Aslan for making such errors here.


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