May 02, 2008

Saving Ron Paul From Who?

Justin?s does a great job taking my friend Dave Weigel to task, but I he?s missing a larger point.  Lew Rockwell has been instrumental in helping Ron Paul?s career for over 30 years.  He served as Paul?s Chief of Staff when he was in Congress in the 1970s.  He helped Ron Paul?s run for president in 1988, and encouraged him to return to Congress in 1996.  In between these campaigns, Rockwell used his immense skill as a fundraiser to maintain and grow Paul?s following up to and including his latest run for president.

In contrast, Reason was running debates as to whether or not they should even endorse Paul.  Then when Ron Paul?s campaign became a serious movement?in part because of Lew Rockwell, and in no part because of Reason?then they jumped on the bandwagon. 

Then the Ron Paul Letters came out?which yes, Dave, are completely defensible in contrast to the rantings of Rev. Wright.  Despite the huge hissy fits from Reason, The New Republic, the Cato Institute and the rest of the usual suspects; this seemed to have absolutely no negative effect on Paul?s campaign or movement. 

Now Weigel expects Ron Paul to turn his back on one of his most loyal and effective supporters of over thirty years because he was allegedly responsible for a pseudo controversy.  I have been less enthusiastic about the ?Ron Paul Revolution? than some, but if he sticks to his America First principles rather than whatever Reason wants him to be, you can count me in. 

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