December 06, 2009

Scraping the Bottom of the Neo-Malthusian Barrel

My friend Jill at Pundit and Pundette pointed out this bit of hypocritical detritus on the ugly underside of the global-warming bandwagon:

Rushing to the front of the race for the prize of Most Vomit-Inducing Environmental Initiative Ever Devised, the UK’s Optimum Population Trust—which counts such grandees as David Attenborough and Jonathon Porritt among its supporters—has just launched PopOffsets. This quirkily named campaign is actually deeply sinister: It invites well-off Westerners to offset their carbon emissions by paying for poor people in the Third World to stop procreating.
In short, if you feel bad about your CO2-emitting jaunt to Barbados, or the new Ferrari you just splurged on, then simply give some money to a charity which helps to “convince” Third World women not to have children, and—presto!—the carbon saved by having one less black child in the world will put your guilt-ridden mind at rest.
The Optimum Population Trust is a creepy Malthusian outfit made up of Lords, Ladies, and Sirs who all believe that the world

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