July 19, 2009

Sex for free

There?s a rumor going around that men are not getting enough sex.

This is all being blamed on the cost of ?dating?, of ?wining & dining?. Getting a girl out of her pants the old fashioned way, by paying for it, one way or another.

But with no cash, what?s guy to do?

Drama Boy, we?ll call him, is a true Darwinian, and he has adapted. He?s in his mid 30s, with languorous eyes, and an aura of melancholy. When he lost his flash job, so too went his portfolio of easy girlfriends. ?So I got a little creative with my presentation. And?, he claims, ?I can pull chicks like I used to.?

Drama Boy developed a theory based entirely on exploiting the female predisposition for empathy.

Sympathy sex.

He does in fact live in a brick-and-mortar house of his own (rental), and has a job (retail): he reveals none of this.

Instead, on any given Saturday night, he will stroll along Main Street, and hunt. Matter of time, and he?ll spotlight a weak gazelle.

The female is incapable of resisting sweet-talk. Using flattery you effectively sink a claw into her hind flank and grapple her to the ground. You run the show with ?where are you froms? and ?what do you dos?.

Once she is properly entranced, Drama Boy will let slip his recent tragic losses. Domicile, security, a future with the light on.Tears coil into her trusting eyes.

He will tell her he hasn?t eaten in days.

Prey will feed him.

Post repast, with Drama Boy in the passenger seat of Prey?s luxury motor, she?ll offer to take him home.


?I have no home.? Baleful expression expertly cast. ?I?ve been living under the bridge. It?s not as bad as you?d think.?

Drama Boy invites her to see his encampment. She is as repulsed as she is eager to earn her merit badge as a Samaritan. And there, under the stars, and the traffic noise on the bridge, Prey will put out like nothing before. She is all the more sensual for believing she is doing a good thing. Making someone?s life a little better.

The economy of seduction.

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