April 06, 2008

Some  Intelligence Allowed

This magazine’s   March 31 critique of Intelligent Design’s tabloid science attacks on Einstein and Darwin ,  The Protocols Of The Elders Of Bryan  seems to have set AOL News Blogger and National Review  regular Dinesh D?Souza thinking, much to the dismay of echt Intelligent Designer William Dembski.
D’Souza’s same day column ” The Failure of ?Intelligent Design? which also lights into David Berlinski ,  was denounced the next day in Dembski’s Anti-Darwinian blog ‘Uncommon Descent’ for noting , inter alia  , that:

“narrow-minded Christians opposed Copernicus and Galileo until they were forced to admit that they were wrong…Today some Christians may be heading down the same path with their embrace of “intelligent design” or ID. This movement is based on the idea that Darwinian evolution is not only flawed but basically fraudulent

…ID advocates have sought to convince courts to require that their work be taught alongside Darwinian evolution, yet such efforts have been resoundingly defeated. Why has the ID legal strategy proven to be such a failure, even at the hands of conservative judges? Imagine that a group of advocates challenged Einstein’s theories of general and special relativity…”

Coming from the author of What’s So Great About Christianity ? , this is pretty strong—and admirably candid—stuff, though by April 2nd, perhaps singed by the   April Fools day bolts from the ID blogosophere or threatened with expulsion by Ben Stein, his column turned again to desecularizing science in the public schools, for which he was duly bashed by PZ Myers.—who needs blood sports with the Science Wars raging ?



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