April 23, 2008

Sowing Chaos?

As I was driving up to New York yesterday afternoon, Rush was gloating over ?Operation Chaos??McCain having sewn up the GOP nomination, you see, PA conservatives would register Democrat, vote for Hillary, and send the DNC into a protracted grudge-match death spiral. 

I was beginning to warm to Rush when he was attacking McCain on all the right issue (save the war, which would be to much to expect), but after he lost that battle, ?conservative? radio has returned to its GOP shilling default mode. The unwashed base?s efforts also all-to-easily play into the hands of the Weekly Standard crowd who don?t want to simply sow chaos but genuinely view Clinton as preferable to Obama because she?s far more likely to continue supporting the war and far less likely enact a change in our relationship with Israel. 

Then, of course, there?s the question of whether the Chaos tactic will actually work. Although election fatigue is real, I find cogent the argument that the prolonged battle is inspiring more and more people to register Democrat (even if some are Chaos voters) and generally diminishing McCain?s profile in the news cycle. It?s also allowed the Rev. Wright and Sniper Fire scandals to come out early and then fade and/or be neutralized, losing the shock value they?d have in late October.

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