September 08, 2008

Steve Sailer’s book?

At the top of Steve Sailer’s latest VDARE article, we find this announcement:

Steve Sailer?s book tentatively entitled The Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama’s ‘Story of Race and Inheritance’ will be available ANY DAY NOW!

There’s no link. 

It’s long been rumored that Sailer is writing a book. And, indeed, if I were a literary agent type, I would have long ago signed him up to write a Freekonomics-style romp through the world of economics, politics, and genetics. It’d be a bestseller in no tine. 

James Joyce’s Ulysses is that novel that everyone in the smartset claims to have read, but truly no one ever has. Sailer’s volume would become that book that everyone would actually read, but then, when pressed, would deny knowledge of its very existence so as to maintain the semblance of anti-racist toleration.

I get the sense that the announcement is a joke (even though Sailer very well could combine all he’s written on Obama for TAC and VDARE into a pretty substantial volume). But to any publisher out there—make The Half-Blood Prince happen; a Sailer volume on Obama would be a runaway hit!

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