May 08, 2008

Supporting a Disaster

Richard Spencer?s guarded statement of preference for Obama over Baldwin got me to thinking why there may be some merit in his counsels. Although I don?t think the media would be any more likely to notice our vote in the fall than it was to report the 16 % of the Pennsylvania Republican primary vote that went to Ron Paul, there is still a compelling reason to vote for Obama, and particularly if we can assist in the defeat of Bob Dole II. The last thing we should want out of this fall?s presidential election is a neocon mouthpiece pushing his party, and in all probability the establishment ?conservative movement,? toward the Left. What we get with Obama is the hero of the nutcase antiracist whites and of resentment-filled blacks, typified by Obama?s spouse, minister, and his other black supporters whom I?ve heard interviewed. From my Leninst perspective, such an intensification of the power of the post-Marxist Left can have one of two outcomes. Either the populace welcomes the new order of affirmative action pushed through our eyeballs, PC enforced from the federal level on down, massive taxation to defray new social programs and to effect a redistribution of wealth and (lest I forget) an invasion from Mexico; or else there is a reaction that causes the political center to moves dramatically in our direction. The first result is as likely as the second; and for examples of the acceptance of government-orchestrated social ruin, one need only turn to Spain, Quebec, the non-Flemish regions of Belgium, and the gelded former nation of Germany.

But is just as likely that a backlash would occur; and if that did not consist of the Middle American uprising that Sam Francis once vainly promoted, it may be what the Marxists used to call a ?revolution at the polls.? The window of opportunity for such a reversal is extremely limited because our enemies control public administration, the media, the bogus conservative movement, and public education. Nonetheless, if President Obama is even half as god-awful as I think he would be, we may be back in business. That is why I prefer him to the decent, pious patriot Chuck Baldwin, who will not likely go anywhere in the fall election. I am not recommending Obama as the nicer of the two but as a disaster waiting to happen.

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