May 01, 2008

Taki for Mayor!!!

Inspired by the efforts of Boris Johnson, the former editor of the Spectator running for mayor in London, we at Takimag are ready to jump on the wave. 

I?m thus proud to announce that Taki Theodoracopulos will seek the mayorship of New York City in 2009. 

Not only would Taki get the city in order but?best of all?he could give all us starving writers really important, high-paying jobs!

Indeed, I think we should begin now forming a ?shadow government.” Here are my suggestions:

Justin Raimondo: Minister of Public Morality
John Zmirak: Deputy of catholic Distribution of Beers and Whiskies
Paul Gottfreid: Obergruppenarbeitsf?hrer
R.J. Stove: Minister of High Culture
Austin Bramwell: Curator for Museum of WASPdom
Christopher Roach: Office of Indiscriminant Incarcerations
Daniel Larison: Holy Roman Emperor and City Deputy of Bollywood Cinema
Marcus Epstein: Family Planning
Russell Seitz: Expeller of Ben Stein from the city
Tom Piatak: Ambassador to the Lou of Dobbs
Andrew Cusack: Coordinator of City Dandyism
Helen Rittelmeyer: President of International Council of Paleoconservative Women, and sole member of said council.

Yes, it?s a strange crew, but then I don?t think government would be anymore more f%cked up than it already is! 

Further suggestions are requested…

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