March 31, 2009

Teen Girls Imitating Computer Porn?

London Daily Mail:

Teenagers are developing a twisted view of sex from pornography they view on the internet, researchers warn. . . .
An alarming number of teenage girls believed they should imitate pornographic scenes they had seen on the internet.
Nearly nine out of ten teenagers aged 14 to 17 had looked at graphic images and nearly one in five viewed them more than once a week the survey found.
Researchers said a growing number of girls felt pressured into stripping on webcams for their boyfriends.

We don’t need “researchers” to tell us this. Two weeks ago, a Kentucky man was arrested on charges of persuading an 11-year-old girl to send him pornographic video of herself over the Internet. Last week, a 14-year-old New Jersey girl was charged with child pornography for posting nude photos of herself on MySpace. If this is what kids are doing nowadays in elementary and middle school, imagine what they’ll be doing in high school, in college, and as adults.

All this goes to prove my friend Tito Perdue‘s contention that insanity is the new normal. Tito says that, instead of trying to maintain lists of sex offenders, law enforcement should instead save taxpayers money by making a list of the normal people. It would be a much shorter list.

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