July 03, 2008

The Architect of the Revolution

A recent radio interview of Jonathan Bydlak, Ron Paul?s former fundraising director, is an excellent source for understanding the behind-the-scenes operations of the Paul campaign, particularly with regard to the role played by Kent Synder, Paul?s campaign chairman, who passed away suddenly last week.

Ron was, of course, ?the candidate from the Internet,? and much of ?netroots? support existed prior to the campaign (and remained independent of it). Less well known is Kent Snyder?s work in building an informational architecture that helped integrate this enthusiasm in cyberspace into a viable political movement. Kent?s first hire was an ?eCampaign Director? and he got the ball rolling with the Meet-Up groups that morphed into local ?get-out-the-vote? chapters?as well as the Ron Paul platoons that have been raising hell at state Republican conventions. It was also Kent who, working with others at the campaign, decided to make all of the fundraising public knowledge?again, an informational structure that inspired supporters to create the famous ?money bombs? that raised millions.

In the interview, we also learn that Kent wanted to turn the official website into a full-functioning website, with blogs, tons of updates, breaking news, commentary, and campaign-made videos. If Kent?s plan had been implemented, Paul?s online success would have been even greater. 

It?s also worth noting that Kent had nothing to do with the disastrously ambiguous ?we?re winding down? announcement in March, which generally confused everyone and made the Ron Paul movement lose its momentum. In early 2008, Synder was ready for the campaign to morph into an organization. And while the latest RP venture, ?The Campaign for Liberty,? looks promising, certainly more ground could have been gained if it were begun in February when Paul was still close to his peak of media attention.

There is a serious need for the movement for Constitutionalism, limited government, and an America First foreign policy to move beyond Ron Paul the man. This was Kent?s task, and he will be sorely missed. 

At the tail end of the campaign, Kent became very ill and has accrued some large medical expenses. A collection fund has been established at www.kentsnyder.com, I urge you to chip in. 

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