November 08, 2008

The Atheist War Against Science

Much cyber-ink has been spilled on the war against science allegedly being waged by Christians in this country, a notion that is vastly overblown, as I discussed in connection with the controversy over Ben Stein’s Expelled.

Now comes a story from Britain, where angry atheism is hugely influential in elite opinion, about a different type of war against science.  It seems that Colin McGuckin, ” a professor of regenerative medicine at Newcastle University and an expert on the use of adult stem cells,” is leaving Britain for France, because the only stem cell research the British government wants to spend money on involves embryonic stem cells.  According to McGuckin, “A vast amount of money in the U. K. from the government has gone into embryonic stem-cell research with not one patient having been treated, to the detriment of [research into] adult stem cells, which has been severely underfunded.  Cord blood has already cured around 10,000 people, but despite this much of the U. K. stem cell funding goes towards other types of stem cells including embryonic stem cells, which are not expected to cure people in the next 50 years.”

Don’t expect to hear any angry denunciations of the climate that caused Prof. McGuckin to leave Britain from Richard Dawkins, P Z Myers, Christopher Hitchens or any of the other usual suspects who are eager advocates of stem cell research that destroys nascent human life but far less supportive of the research that is helping to save human lives today without, however, advancing their agenda of attacking Christian morality.

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